Detox- Cleanse- Detox

Ever felt like you weighed 100 kilos heavier after a European holiday? Daily diet of bread, wine, cheese, croissants, gelato sound familiar? I swear I made good choices on my trip last month but those kilos crept up on me anyways. When you swap your daily gym workout for sun baking sessions and your daily vege juice for coffee & croissants, you’re bound to see those effects around your waistline. After 3 weeks abroad in Europe, I had to take matters into my own hands I could control what I was eating and exercising.

I used 3 key ingredients in my customised detox plan. Colonics, juicing and Xtend barre classes. I booked myself into the Optimum Wellness Clinic for 3 x colonic sessions (recommended amount of sessions when you want to clear everything naughty out). My list of diet no-nos included alcohol, bread, coffee, dairy and sugar. Pretty much EVERYTHING I ate when abroad.

In conjunction with the colonics, I swear by my Xtend barre class which is a mixture of Ballet & Pilates but to cool funky beats. Really gets the blood pumping and the toning affect it has on your body is unbelievable without bulking up. I swear by it and have introduced Xtend to many friends whom are now all addicted (as am I!).

To top off the 3 week cleanse, I finished with a juice cleanse. Originally I wanted to do 3 days, but it just didn’t fit into my schedule.  I went with the Schkinny Maninny low fruit cleanse which had a mixture of vege & fruit juices, soups and a yummy almond nut smoothie to finish off the day. I didn’t go hungry (the servings are HUGE) but I did feel the effects of my body weening itself of coffee and sugar. After the 2 days was over my skin has never been clearer and my eyes are sparkling! I will definitely be doing another juice cleanse to kick start the metabolism and clean out after a holiday. Schkinny Maninny also delivers your juices fresh each morning- we likey!

3 weeks later after 3 colonics, 3 Xtend barre classes per week and a 2 day jucing stint, I feel like I’m back to pre-holiday myself (minus those holiday kilos). Now all I have to do is keep them off before Summer comes.

Want to read more about juice cleansing? Here’s another post for some inspiration.

Do you have any hints for losing the post-holiday bludge?

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One Comment on “Detox- Cleanse- Detox

  1. Mum
    August 4, 2012

    Well done you look and are amazing.

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